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Sage and Sunshine


Welcome to “Sage and Sunshine” - a podcast that illuminates life and parenthood with wisdom, warmth, and a radiant glow. Join Brittany-Marie, a first-time mom, former nanny, teacher, and doula, as we embark on the transformative journey of life through everyday life, pregnancy, parenting and more!

In each episode, we wine down and bask in the “Sunshine” moments of life, sharing stories and insights that make you laugh, are relatable, uplift, and inspire. We explore the power of intuition and knowledge, cultivating the “Sage” within us to live life, and nurture little souls with care and compassion.

“Sage and Sunshine” creates a vibrant, safe space for all as we embrace the beauty of diverse individuals and families. Tune in to our podcast as we radiate warmth, share laughter, and embark on a voyage of growth and empowerment. Let’s sow the seeds of love together and bask in the “Sage and Sunshine” of life.